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Sourcing potent cannabis concentrates can be challenging. High Country Healing Alma has been serving cannabis users for many years in Colorado. Check out our online menu.

Are you looking for premium concentrated cannabidiol products? Say no more. We have been offering superior organic products in Colorado for many years. As one of the most trusted recreational stores for hemp concentrates, we have been fortunate to meet our customers’ expectations on every visit. High Country Healing Alma has been featured in High Times more than any dispensary in North America since 2009. Drop by to explore our products, or check out our dispensary menu to order your pick online. 

Your Ultimate Source of CBD Concentrates 

We are not an ordinary recreational store you find around the corner. We promote responsible recreational use by offering sincere advice and thorough guidance to our CBD concentrate customers before they buy from us. 

What Are CBD Concentrates? 

Cannabis concentrates are extracted from cannabis flowers using heat, ice, pressure, water, or another solvent to isolate cannabinoids from the source plant. Whether you need a full-spectrum CBD concentrate or a broad-spectrum product, the isolation process offers a higher level of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC, THCA, and different terpenes responsible for flavoring effects.

How to Consume CBD Concentrates? 

Here are a few common ways you can consume cannabis concentrates: 

Add to Inhalation Products 

You can add moderate amounts of cannabis concentrates in a traditional joint to experience the effects. 

Dabbing or Vaping 

You can vaporize a concentrate by dabbing it, filling it in a vape pen, or getting pre-filled vape cartridges to enjoy the effects. 

Mix With Edibles 

Not interested in smoking it? Mix it with your food or other edible products to experience its long-lasting effects. 

We Specialize in the Most Potent Concentrates

High Country Healing Alma has established a strong footprint in the competitive CBD market in Colorado. If you check out our online menu, you will find many CBD products on our shelves that fit the requirements of most vendors across the state. However, we specialize in the most potent concentrates. Our top choices include super fuego, potent, and high-testing products.  

Premium-Quality THC & CBD Concentrates for Sale 

If you are looking for premium-quality THC & CBD concentrates for sale, we have what you need. High Country Healing in Alma, CO is a class apart for its superior hemp concentrates and potent products. Here’s why you should buy from us: 

  • Everyday special 10%-30% off. Loyal customers can get up to 20% off cannabis products and up to 10% off merch. 
  • Best service and cannabis products offered in Colorado. 
  • We are one of the oldest shops in the state, and you can rely on our staff expertise. 
  • Convenient location, just 16 miles south of Breckenridge.

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What’s the Buzz: Our Happy Clients’ Reviews

  • George R Alvey, Jr

    I’ve come here while on vacation several times dating back to 2018 Great service . Stopped in today September 22, 22. Very, very helpful, pleasant and truly wanted to know my specific needs for a medical condition and my wants for recreational and sleep purposes.

  • Shannon Puerta

    This place rocks! Budtenders are the best and are very knowledgeable. The prices are the best around and the flower is amazing! Love these guys

  • Jeremy Wright

    My little mountain oasis. The people at the store are very nice and knowledgeable. Mandi is the best!! I tell all my friends about “my little mountain store” TTFN

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